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Mamafesta Album Release Party
Jam Bands New Orleans Brass Bands
Ages 18 and Up
$7.00 - $10.00
Jam Bands

Mamafesta is an original groove-rock outfit that was born in the fall of 2011. Over the years Mamafesta has begun to channel their own unique sound and reach out to their audiences through their musicianship and vocal messages. The band consists of four diverse musicians with well-rooted friendships in music and in life including Zack Morgan on keyboards, saxophone and vocals and Lowell Carrico on guitar and lead vocals. The rhythm section is made up of Vince Seidl on drums and vocals and Logan Dance on bass and vocals. Together these four talented musicians create a high-energy wave of sound that entices and evokes the spirit of the soul. Mamafesta respects meaningful lyrical messages and well arranged tunes that have the freedom to go to a destination that the audience, atmosphere, and band all equally manifest together. Mamafesta prides themselves on their original material while still paying homage to the past greats and present day innovators. Hold on tight or just let go…

Big Wy's Brass Band
New Orleans Brass Bands

Big Wy's Brass Band is a New-Orleans style brass band with funky grooves and an engaging live performance. The group started when they were students at Westlake High School in Austin and has since played nearly 100 shows around Austin such as at the Mohawk and HONK!TX Festival, as well jazz festivals in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Whether it's playing original bangers or funky versions of Beyoncé or Dr. Dre, Big Wy's is always a lit time!